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ISHPES Council Call for Nominations


This is an election year so we are calling it to your attention. We have already informed you that we will do it online this time and we hope that this will work well. You can vote for the Council and the President. The council consists of a maximum of 15 members. The new council will then elect three Vice Presidents, which will support the President’s work.

Every paid-up member who has been an ISHPES member for the last two years can run for the Council. Those members who would like to run for Presidency need to have been a member for the last four years.

We are now opening the Call for Nominations. For those of you who are interested in becoming a Council member or the President, please send a short curriculum vita and also explain your relation to and interest in ISHPES. This should be no longer than one page.

The nomination ends March 31, 2013. We will collect all the nominations in one file which we will then email to all members with further instructions for the election. It is very easy and does not require any special expertise in using the internet.

The online election will take place from April 1, 2013 to May 31 2013. The votes will not be collected by us. A neutral person will do it for us. This person will announce the result by email shortly after the election.

Please do not forget, only paid-up members can be nominated. The same for the election: You need to have paid your ISHPES membership dues for 2013 to be able to vote (except for the honorary members of course).

Please send your nomination the ISHPES General Secretary Kai Reinhart: