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Copenhagen Summer School 2013

Human and Social Sport Sciences – Issues, Approaches, Challenges and Implementations.


International Summer School for Young Researchers – Course for PhD Students.
Date: 1st of July – 5th of July, 2013

Place: Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Aims and topic
The Copenhagen Summer School 2013 will focus on the topic Human and Social Sport Sciences – Issues, Approaches, Challenges and Implementations. This subject covers a broad area which allows experts and students to share experiences and expertise in their respective fields of re-search.

Since the last decades, physical activities and sport play an increasing role in the public discourse, at least in Western countries. Sport for all and elite sport are in the centre of public attention, both promising benefits for individuals and societies. Health and well-being, education and social integration, entertainment, national presentation and identity are some of the assets which are currently discussed in connection with physical activities and sport. However, it is an open question if and under which conditions sport can meet these expectations. Here, it has to be taken into con-sideration that sport has many faces and that sport cultures differ dependent on traditions and cur-rent political, economic and social situations in the various countries and regions.

The Summer School provides a space to share information on research, theories and methods as well as to exchange ideas and knowledge about current tendencies and “hot issues” in the multiple arenas of physical activities and sports.

The Summer School will provide a forum which enables communication, networks and coopera-tion among the participants, students as well as lecturers.

The course is addressed to PhD students and young researchers and intends to support them in their scientific work. It offers the opportunity of acquiring new knowledge, of presenting their research, of discussing problems, of obtaining advice from experts and of building up networks. It is hoped to help young researchers to become integrated into the scientific community.

In keynote lectures, experts will address important questions, new approaches, problems and strategies of research, current trends and major issues in the area of sport ideologies, policies and practices. They will also be available for discussions and individual supervision.

In addition, there will be workshops and panel discussions on relevant themes. All students will have the opportunity to present their own projects and get feedback from experts and other students. Papers with the main outlines of these projects must be submitted in advance and will be accessible on the Summer School Website.

The Summer School will take place in collaboration with the International Societies for Sport History (ISHPES) and Sport Sociology (ISSA), the European Association of Sport Psychology (FEPSAC) and the International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women (IAPESGW).

Participants in the course can acquire 3 or 5 ETCS points (see the conditions on the course web-site).

Lecturers of the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports
Anne-Marie Elbe
Helle Winther
Reinhard Stelter
Glen Nielsen
Laila Ottesen
Lone Friis Thing

Guest lecturers
Annette Hofmann, Ludwigsburg University of Education, Germany
Gerald Gems, North Central College, US
Tansin Benn, Professor emeritus, UK
And other lecturers

Selection of students
Participants are expected to be PhD students or young researchers (e.g. planning a PhD) working on a project in the field of human and social sport sciences. They will be selected according to the relevance of the topic and the quality of the project. The number of students will be 25 to 30 and the Cph Summer School aims to include participants from various countries and cultures.

General information
Travel and accommodation have to be paid by the participants. The Summer School has in ad-vance booked accommodation at a youth hostel in the centre of Copenhagen.
Course fee: DKK 500 for participants enrolled at a Danish university and DKK 250 for other par-ticipant. The course fee covers participation in the course including 5 lunch, coffee breaks, and 2 dinners.

Call for application
Please, fill in the online application form at

Deadline: April 12th, 2013.
Applicants will be informed of their acceptance in the beginning of May.