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Curitiba is the capital of the State of Paraná, considered a benchmark in quality of life and has been elected as the most innovative city in Brazil. Developed under the influence of European immigration, Curitiba now offers diverse excursions, including gastronomic routes, cultural experiences, outdoor activities, and more. The city’s abundance of parks and woods has also positioned it as the Ecological Capital of Brazil. Among the most visited places are the Botanical Garden – a postcard of the city –Barigui Park, and the Oscar Niemeyer Museum.


Hop On Hop Off Curitiba (Touristic Bus Tour) 

This is a specific bus route designed for tourism that covers the most interesting points to visit in the city. The ticket costs R$50.00 (US$10), and the starting point is at Rua 24 Horas (entrance portal to Visconde de Nácar Street). The ticket allows for unlimited reboarding within 24 hours.

Largo da Ordem Fair

This fair occurs every Sunday in the city’s historical centre. At the fair, you can find a variety of local crafts and enjoy typical foods, such as the famous “pastel.”

Location: Garibaldi Square – São Francisco.

Cost: Free of charge.

Panoramic Tower

You can see Curitiba from above, with a 360° view of the city. The observatory is located 100 meters high, and the ticket cost is R$10.00 (US$2) for a full ticket and R$5.00 (US$1) for those eligible for half-price (children, people with disabilities, students, seniors, and teachers – upon presentation of valid identification).

Location: Prof. Lycio Grein de Castro Vellozo street, 191 – Mercês.


Botanical Garden: The park is the postcard of Curitiba, known for its 178 thousand square meters and the famous glass greenhouse inspired by the Crystal Palace in London. It is an area dedicated to preserving native species and plants, gardens, and lakes featuring fish.

Location: Engenheiro Ostoja Roguski street, 690 – Jardim Botânico.

Cost: Free of charge.

Public Walk – It is the oldest park in the city, created in 1886. You can take walks in the park, enjoy the lakes and trees, and visit a small zoo.

Location: Luiz Leão Street – Downtown.

Cost: Free of charge.

Tanguá Park– A great place to appreciate the sunset in Curitiba, this park has a 65-meter viewpoint at the top of an old quarry. There is also a waterfall, green areas, and gardens to be enjoyed.

Location: Oswaldo Maciel Street, 97 – Pilarzinho.

Cost: Free of charge.

Bosque do Alemão – Park that pays tribute to the Germanic culture present in Curitiba. It features a viewpoint with an excellent view of the city, which is reached by a traditional path constructed of wood. You can also find the Witch’s House along the path through the forest, where there are storytelling sessions for children and Hansel and Gretel’s trail.

Location: Niccolo Paganini street, s/n – Vista Alegre.

Cost: Free of charge.

Bosque do Papa – With an extensive green area, the park is a tribute to Polish culture, emphasizing Pope John Paul II and the astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. You can take walks in the park and come across typical Polish houses.

Location: Mateus Leme X  Vieira Santos X  Mário de Barros streets – Civic Centre

Cost: Free of charge.

Barigui Park – One of the largest and most visited parks in Curitiba, Barigui offers a place for relaxation in its extensive green area, with various animal species, especially the Capybaras (a city symbol). In the park, you can also engage in walking, running, and bike rides.

Location: Candido Hartmann Avenue – Santo Inácio.

Cost: Free of charge.


MuseumsThe Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Holocaust Museum, Expeditionary Museum, Paranista Memorial, and Natural History Museum are some of the many museums in the city. The ticket prices may vary depending on the day of visitation.

Shows and Events – Opera de Arame, Paulo Leminski Quarry, and Guaíra Theater are popular venues for performances and events in Curitiba.

Historical Center Located in the heart of Curitiba, the historic centre is a region that preserves historic buildings from the city’s foundation when it was known as Vila de Nossa Senhora da Luz dos Pinhais. You can explore Giuseppe Garibaldi Palace, Liberty Palace, Romário Martins House, Solar do Barão, the Church of the Order and the Rosary Church in this area. The historic centre comes to life in the evening with the city’s nightlife, offering bar options. On Sundays, you can stroll through the traditional Largo da Ordem Fair.

Location: Largo da Ordem – São Francisco.

Cost: free of charge


The influence of immigrants makes Curitiba’s cuisine attractive for its diversity and good value. In addition to dishes based on pinhão (a typical seed of the Araucaria tree and a city landmark, but with a specific period for consumption), Curitiba offers German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Arabic, and other cuisines throughout the city.

Santa Felicidade – a neighbourhood famous for its Italian cultural influence, features many restaurants offering pasta dishes and all-you-can-eat options. There are also wineries and craft shops. Manoel Ribas Avenue is where you can find many of the traditional restaurants in the area.

Location: Santa Felicidade.

Cost: Please check prices for the chosen location.

24 Hours Street – This location crosses Visconde de Nácar and Visconde do Rio Branco streets, offering options for bars, restaurants, and snack bars.

Cost: Please check prices for the chosen location.

Wine Route – Located in the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba, in São José dos Pinhais, the Wine Route is an opportunity to take a gastronomic tour by stopping at one of the many colonial cafes, trying wines, or having lunch at typical restaurants. It is advisable to research which restaurant you would like to visit, as most are open only on weekends.

Location: Colônia Murici e Colônia Mergulhão – São José dos Pinhais.

Cost: Please check prices for the chosen location.


Joaquim Américo Guimarães Stadium– The stadium of the Athletico Paranaense team was a venue for the 2014 World Cup. It is possible to participate in the “Furacão Tour” from Tuesday to Sunday, a guided tour of the stadium and behind the scenes, lasting approximately one hour.

Location: Buenos Aires Street, 1260 – Água Verde.

Cost varies.

Major Antônio Couto Pereira Stadium– The stadium of the Coritiba FC team also serves as a venue for some international concerts in the city. It is possible to take the “Couto Tour,” a guided tour of the stadium and trophy gallery, lasting approximately 50 minutes.

Location: Ubaldino do Amaral Street, 37 – Alto da Glória.

Cost varies.

Durival de Brito e Silva Stadium – The stadium, home to the Paraná FC team, was a venue for the 1950 World Cup. Although it doesn’t have a guided tour, it is possible to visit the stadium facade or attend a match day, as besides the leading team, other clubs also use the field for their games.

Location: Engenheiros Rebouças street, 1100 – Jardim Botânico.

Cost varies.

Tarumã Gymnasium – The Almir Nelson de Almeira Gymnasium is the oldest in the State of Paraná. It features a wood-arched roof structure, considered a spectacular engineering feat. The gymnasium has been the venue for major sports events and was the base for the Rexona volleyball team when it was headquartered in Curitiba. Additionally, it served as the location for the first Physical Education course in the State of Paraná.

Location: Victor Ferreira do Amaral Avenue, 1749 – Tarumã.

Cost: Visit – free of charge. Sports events – check the ticket office for the specific event.


City Market (Mercado Municipal) – Founded in 1958, the Municipal Market of Curitiba offers a place with shops selling fruits and vegetables, delicatessens, and an organic section where you can find beverages, cheeses, wines, medicinal herbs, spices, delicacies, preserves, seafood, cured meats, exotic meats, and unique cuts. There are also decorative products, household utensils, cleaning products, haberdashery, and gifts, among others. The location also has a large food court with different restaurant options offering pasta, oriental dishes, and the traditional Brazilian “prato feito” (complete meal).

Location: Sete de Setembro Avenue, 1865 – Downtown

Custo: visita – free of charges


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Morretes is a city approximately 70 km from Curitiba. Thanks to its well-preserved buildings, it captivates visitors with its historical charm. Situated between the Serra do Mar (Sea Ridge) and the coast of Paraná, it is a city for relaxation and enjoying nature, offering options for sports, adventure, and gastronomic activities.


Gastronomy: In the historic centre, several restaurants along the Nhundiaquara River serve the official typical dish of the city and the State of Paraná, the “barreado.” Morretes also has a tradition of producing artisanal cachaça (Cachaça is a Brazilian distilled spirit made from fermented sugarcane juice.)

Adventure: Hiking in the Serra do Mar, enjoying the Atlantic Forest. Visit the Macacos and Fortuna waterfalls, trek in the Marumbi State Park, and boil-cross (river tubing) on the Nhundiaquara River.

Sports: For those who enjoy mountaineering, Pico do Marumbi is one of the most sought-after points for this activity. Pico do Morumbi comprises eight peaks, including Mount Olympus, at 1,539 meters. At Pico do Marumbi, rock climbing is possible in various modalities and difficulty levels.

Walks: Curva da Preguiça; Poço do Belga; rio Mãe Catira; Santuário Nhundiaquara.

By Car
  • The journey from Curitiba to Morretes takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes by car, either via the BR277 highway or Graciosa Road towards the coast.
By Bus
  • There is also the option of descending the mountain by bus, departing from the Curitiba bus station bound for the Morretes bus station. The latter is just a few blocks from the historic centre and the Old Bridge, costing approximately R$40.00 (US$8)  per ticket.
  • Round trip: Approximately R$80.00 (US$16). Tickets can be purchased at the Curitiba bus station at the Graciosa company’s counter, which is responsible for offering this journey, or through online ticket purchase websites.
By Train

The most exciting option is to take the train on the Serra do Mar Railway, where you can appreciate the typical landscape of Paraná. The Guardian and The Wall Street Journal consider it one of the best train rides in the world. During the journey, you’ll have the opportunity to pass through various tunnels, viaducts, and bridges, experience nature up close, smell the flowers, and see beautiful landscapes such as rivers and waterfalls and preserved sections of the Atlantic Forest.

The train ride is available from Friday to Sunday, departing from the Curitiba Rodoferroviária. It is recommended to purchase tickets in advance, as availability depends on the number of people on the day of the trip. For those opting for this excursion, it’s possible to return to Curitiba by bus, purchased separately.

Buying Tickets

For train rides, you can purchase your ticket in advance on the Serra Verde Express website or at the Curitiba Rodoferroviária Station by arriving by 7:30 am on the chosen day of the trip (in this case, you are subject to ticket availability). You can also buy tickets in person at the Morretes Station and through WhatsApp at +55 (41) 98433 0546.

Approximate Cost:

Complete Curitiba – Morretes Package (Train Ride and Return by Van):

In US Dollars (Approximate): Starting from $71.00

Ticket Curitiba – Morretes (Train Ride):

In US Dollars (Approximate): $32.75

There are other ticket categories available that can be checked online.

Estimated Travel Time: 4 hours.

The committee will be organising a trip to Morretes on Saturday, Sept. 14. If you are interested in taking part on this trip, please let us know. You can reach us at


Serra Verde Express website:

Viaje Paraná website: