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IJHS Special Issues

Beginning with the 2012 Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a special issue of the International Journal of the History of Sport is published with papers from the ISHPES Congresses. All presenters have the possibility — and are encouraged — to submit their paper which will then undergo a double-blind review process. Presently the IJHS is the only sport history journal with an impact factor.


Volume / Number TBA:
19th Congress, Münster, Germany, 2018
In Progress

18th Congress, Alexandria, Egypt, 2017
No special issue

Volume 34, Number 14ISHPES 2016 (Paris)
(17th Congress, Paris, France, 2016)

Table of Contents:

  • Patricia Vertinsky, “Requiem for the College Women’s Gymnasium: Disciplining the Female Body in Educational and Architectural Space,” Pages: 1453-1467
  • Gerald R. Gems, “Women and the Advent of American Sport Tourism: The Feminine Invasion of Male Space,” Pages: 1468-1482
  • Benjamin Sacks, “A Footnote to Sport History: Twenty Years of Cricket, Conflict and Contestation in Samoa, 1880–1900,” Pages: 1483-1500
  • PearlAnn Reichwein, “The Alpine Club of Canada’s ‘Mountain Heritage’: Adventure and Advocacy in the Twentieth Century and Beyond,” Pages: 1501-1520
  • Pierre-Olaf Schut, “Outdoor Activities and Urbanization: A Constant Bridging Throughout the Twentieth Century in France,” Pages: 1521-1540
  • Carolina Nascimento Jubé & André Dalben, “Amid Progress and Wilderness: Early Reception of Georges Hébert’s Naturist Ideas in Brazil During the First Half of the Twentieth Century,” Pages: 1541-1562
  • Michael Krüger, Stefan Nielsen & Lukas Rehmann, “German Sports Medicine in the 1950s: Prevention and Public Health in East and West,” Pages: 1563-1584
  • Alexis Tadie, “The Arts of Competitive Tennis,” Pages: 1585-1601

Volume 33, Number 14 (2016): Coming from the Past, Working in the Present, Looking to the Future: Aims, Topics and Results of Sport History
(16th Congress, Split, Croatia, 2015)

Table of Contents:

  • Annette R. Hofmann, “Introduction,” pages 1575-1576
  • Susan J. Bandy, “The Intersections of Sport History and Sport Literature: Toward a Transdisciplinary Perspective,” pages 1577-1591
  • Rudolf Müllner, “Self-Improvement In and Through Sports: Cultural-Historical Perspectives,” pages 1592-1605
  • Shuping Kuang, “Eastward Transmission of Western Learning and the Evolution of Modern Sports in Shanghai, 1843–1949,” pages 1606-1625
  • Swantje Scharenberg, Kurt Möser & Klaus Nippert, “Physical Fitness, the Military and the University: The Case of Wilhelm Paulcke, 1880s–1930s,” pages 1626-1639
  • Taro Obayashi & Hisashi Sanada, “Recovery from the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 Through Sport Events in Tokyo, Japan,” pages 1640-1651
  • Annette R. Hofmann & Silke Sinning, “From Being Excluded to Becoming World Champions: Female Football Coaches in Germany,” pages 1652-1668
  • Matthew Klugman & Rob Hess, “Towards a Pre-History of Disability Sport in Victoria, Australia,” pages 1669-1681

Volume 32, Number 4 (2015): Global Perspectives on Sport and Physical Cultures
(15th Congress, Doha, Qatar, 2014)

Table of Contents:

  • Annette R. Hofmann, Gerald Gems, and Maureen Smith, “Foreward,” page 517
  • Michael Krüger, “Global Perspectives on Sports and Movement Cultures: From Past to Present – Modern Sports between Nationalism, Internationalism, and Cultural Imperialism,” pages 518-534
  • Patricia Vertinsky, “Reconsidering the Female Tradition in English Physical Education: The Impact of Transnational Exchanges in Modern Dance,” pages 535-550
  • Susanna Hedenborg, “Gender and Sports within the Equine Sector – A Comparative Perspective,” pages 551-564
  • Thierry Terret, “Gold Medals and White Economy: Winter Olympic Games and the Making of the French Elite (1959–2013),” pages 565-583
  • Gigliola Gori, “Sporting Events Organized in Venice: Male Boating and the Amazing Case of Women’s Rowing Contests,” pages 584-596
  • Martina Gugglberger, “Climbing Beyond the Summits: Social and Global Aspects of Women’s Expeditions in the Himalayas,” pages 597-613
  • Angela Wichmann, “Diversity versus Unity: A Comparative Analysis of the Complex Roots of the World Gymnaestrada,” pages 614-629

Volume 31, Number 15 (2014): Games and Sporting Events in History – Organisations, Performances and Impacts
(14th Congress, Taipei, Taiwan, 2013)

Table of Contents:

  • Annette R. Hofmann, Gerald Gems, and Maureen Smith, “Foreward,” page 1831
  • Malcolm MacLean, “Revisiting (and Revising?) Sports Boycotts: From Rugby against South Africa to Soccer in Israel,” pages 1832-1851
  • Russell Field, “Re-Entering the Sporting World: China’s Sponsorship of the 1963 Games of the New Emerging Forces (GANEFO),” pages 1852-1867
  • Francois J. Cleophas, “Opening a Window on Early Twentieth-Century School Sport in Cape Town Society,” pages 1868-1881
  • Alison Wrynn, “On the Margins: Therapeutic Massage, Physical Education and Physical Therapy Defining a Profession,” pages 1882-1895
  • Rudolf Müllner, “Discourses on the Production of the Athletic Lean Body in Central Europe around 1900,” pages 1896-1908
  • Gerald Gems and Gertrud Pfister, “Women Boxers: Actresses to Athletes – The Role of Vaudeville in Early Women’s Boxing in the USA,” pages 1909-1924
  • Keiko Ikeda, “British Cultural Influence and Japan: Elizabeth Phillips Hughes’s Visit for Educational Research in 1901–1902,” pages 1925-1938

Volume 30, Number 9 (2013): Historical Approaches to Sport and Physical Education Around the Globe
(13th Congress, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2012)

Table of Contents:

  • Annette R. Hofmann and Thierry Terret, “Editorial,” page 933
  • Doriane Gomet, “From Punishment to Death: Body Practices for Deported Women in Nazi Camps,”pages 934-949
  • Emanuel Hübner, “Some Notes on the Preparations for the Olympic Games of 1936 and 1940: An Unknown Chapter in German–Finnish Cooperation,” pages 950-962
  • Evelise Amgarten Quitzau, “Different Clubs, Similar Purposes? Gymnastics and Sports in the German Colony of São Paulo/Brazil at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century,” pages 963-975
  • Michaël Attali and Jean Saint-Martin, “The Mission of Scholastic Sport in the Expansion of Sport Practice in France: The Issues Involving Development and Collateral Effects (1938–1950),” pages 976-988
  • Cécile Collinet, Matthieu Delalandre, Pierre-Olaf Schut, and Coralie Lessard, “Physical Practices and Sportification: Between Institutionalisation and Standardisation. The Example of Three Activities in France,” pages 989-1007
  • Chia-Ju Yen, “Sport, Diplomacy, and the Role of an Athlete as Ambassador: Liang-Huan Lu and Golf in Taiwan,” pages 1008-1021