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ISHPES Honorary Members

ISHPES is proud to recognize long-standing members who have contributed greatly to the organization and to sport history. The following scholars have had Honorary Membership bestowed on them:

Harvey Abrams, USA

Heribert Aigner, Austria†

Wolfgang Decker, Germany

Gigliola Gori, Italy
*honored in 2011

Haim Kaufmann, Israel
*honored in 2012

Leena Laine, Finland
*honored in 2015 [ story ]

Manfred Lämmer, Germany

Hans Langenfeld, Germany

Mei-Chun Lin, Taiwan (current Council member)
*honored in 2016

Jan Lindroth, Sweden

Norbert Müller, Germany

Roberta J. Park, USA†

Gertrud Pfister, Denmark (current Council member)
*honored in 2012

Roland Renson, Belgium

Joachim K. Rühl, Germany

Thierry Terret, France
*honored in 2014

Tokuro Yamamoto, Japan
*honored in 2011

Patricia Vertinsky, Canada (current Council member)
*honored in 2014

† deceased