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Winners of 2014 ISHPES Award, Junior Scholar Award, and Routledge Book Prize for Best Presentation

ISHPES is proud to present the three recipients for 2014. These awards include the Gigliola Gori Junior Scholar Award, the ISHPES Award, and the Routledge Book Prize for Best Presentation. We would like to congratulate all of our award recipients.

We are proud to announce that Emanuel Huebner and Victoria Felkar are this year’s recipients of the Gigliola Gori Junior Scholar Award.

Emanuel Huebner is a student at the University of Muenster located in Germany. He wrote “Between Myth and Reality: A demand for a documented sports history shown at the 1936 Olympic Games.”

Victoria Felkar is a student at the University of British Columbia located in Canada. She is the author of “Iron Bar: The History of Prison Physical Culture and the Ban on correctional Weightlifting.”

Shusuke Matuso and Shahrzad Mohammadi as the two winners of the Routledge Book Prize for Best Presentation by a Junior Scholar.

Shunsuke Matuso is a PhD Student at the University of Tokyo in the Department of Area Studies. His paper “ So Many Countries, So Many Way’s: Institutionalization of Modern Sports in Early 20th Century Uruguay, Chile, and Argentina: A Comparative Perspective.”

Shahrzad Mohammadi is a PhD Student at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg. She wrote “Secularism versus fundamentalism: the development of female competitive sport in Iran.”

Michael Krüger is the winner of the 2014 ISHPES Award. Dr. Krüger is a professor of Sports Pedagogy, Physical Education and History at the Department of Sport Science at the University of Munster in Germany. He is the author of “Modern Sports Between Nationalism, Internationalism, and Cultural Imperialism.”

Susannna Hedenborg is the 2014 Routledge Keynote Speaker. Dr. Hedenborg is Professor of Sport Sciences and Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Education and Society at the University of Malmö in Sweden. She has previously worked on projects related to history of horse riding, not the least from a gender perspective, and studied children and youth sport. Her Keynote presentation was titled “Equestrian Sports in the Global World, Past, Present and Future Challenges.”