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Pierre-Olaf Schut Presents 2019 Routledge Keynote

At the 2019 ISHPES Congress in Madrid, Spain, Dr Pierre-Olaf Schut,  Professor of Sports History at Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée University, presented the 2019 Routledge Keynote Address.

Pierre-Olaf has published over fifty articles and chapters on the history of outdoor sports, sports policies and Olympism.

A valuable and very active member of the ISHPES, he organized the Society’s congress in Paris in 2016. He has also taken over the International Summer School for Young Researchers, which just conducted its fourth edition in Paris in 2019 after a decade in Copenhagen. This is an enormously useful resource for developing  young scholars in sport history and sociology and is becoming increasingly well known internationally.  

An expert in many international journals, Pierre-Olaf is also a member of the European editorial board of the International Journal of the History of Sport published by Routledge and contributes to the writing of the Journal Watch on H-Sport.

Pierre-Olaf Shut with ISHPES President Annette Hofmann