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Meet the New ISHPES Council

The 2017 ISHPES Election has been completed. Congratulations to the new ISHPES Council, which will serve from 2017 through 2021.

The on-line election conducted saw 52 online ballots started and finished during the 2017 ISHPES Election period.

The Election results are as follows:

Annette R. Hofmann (Germany)

–Teresa González Aja (Spain)
–Francois Cleophas (South Africa)
–Heather L. Dichter (USA)
–Russel Field (Canada)
–Gerald R. Gems (USA)
–Susanna Hedenborg (Sweden)
–Keiko Ikeda (Japan)
–Michael Krüger (Germany)
–Mei-Chun Lin (Taiwan)
–Malcolm MacLean (United Kingdom)
–Rudolf Müllner (Austria)
–Tomaž Pavlin (Slovenia)
–Gertrud Pfister (Denmark)
–Pierre-Olaf Schut (France)
–Patricia Vertinsky (Canada)

Early Career Scholar Representatives
–Dario Nardini (Italy)
–Taro Obayashi (Japan)

Additional thanks to Karin Schicklinski (ISHPES assistant) and Sandra Heck (ISHPES General Secretary) for their assistance throughout the process.

Respectfully submitted,
Dr. Scott G. Martyn
Professor of Olympic and Sport History
Faculty of Human Kinetics
University of Windsor