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December 2018 President’s Report

Annette Hofmann

Dear ISHPES members,

A busy year is approaching its end. We held a successful congress in Münster, Germany with around 200 participants from over 20 countries from all continents. It was one of our most successful congresses. I want to thank the organizer Michael Krüger and his team again for their marvelous work.

As this year comes to a close we have to look ahead into the new year. In 2019 ISHPES can celebrate its 30th anniversary which we will celebrate with you during our next conference in Madrid from July 13-18, 2019. The Call for Papers is out. We invite you to submit abstract for individual papers but also for complete sessions. All submissions are via email this year and should be sent to:

A few weeks before our annual congress (June 14-28, 2019) Pierre-Olaf Schut will hold the interdisciplinary PhD Summer School at Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, France. An international group of professors will lecture the students and give advices. This is always a great chance for PhD students to show their research and discuss it in an international setting with our students and professors. And it is a way to start an international network. For information please get in contact with Pierre-Olaf Schut at

Please also remind your PhD students about the deadline for our Gigliola Gori Award (February 15, 2019) and the Gerd von der Lippe Fund for Travel Support. Information about both awards can be found on the Early Career Scholars section of the ISHPES website.

ISHPES is currently in the process of developing a new website which will launch in early 2019.  The website will be the same ( but there may be some downtime during this process. Please check the ISHPES Twitter account if the website is down for news.

Before I close, I also want to thank the ISHPES Vice Presidents, the ISHPES Council as well as the General Secretrary, Sandra Heck, and our Webmaster, Heather Dichter, for their work and time consuming engagement throughout last year.

Last but not least you, I thank you, the ISHPES members, for your loyalty throughout the years. One of our very loyal member, Roberta Park, passed away a few weeks ago. We sent out her obituary. Roberta was among the founding members and joined many ISHPES congresses in the past. Throughout the last year she kept contact with us through emails. We will honor her as a scholar and colleague and keep her in our hearts.

The best for 2019,
Annette Hofmann
ISHPES President