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Copenhagen Summer School 2011

Sport and Movement Cultures – Developments and Practices in a Globalised World. Historical, Sociological, Psychological and Pedagogical Approaches

International Summer School for Young Researchers – Course for PhD Students
Date: August 22-27, 2011
Place: Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Aims and topic
The Summer School 2011 will deal with Sport and Movement Cultures in a Changing World. Currently, the developments of late modernity reaching from technological progress to global economic and environmental crises have a decisive impact on various areas of sport, e.g. on physical education, sport ideologies and practices, sport business, major sport events, media sport or sport related migration. Health discourses, body and beauty ideals as well as performance and appearance enhancing practices are worldwide issues of debate. These and similar issues are embedded in the discourses in the various countries of the Summer School participants and they are topics of their PhD projects.

Several scientific disciplines with different theoretical approaches, questions and methods are dealing with topics of the Summer School. There has been a considerable amount of research which provides an excellent basis for the discussion of the approaches and studies of both, the experts and the students.

The lectures will be based on current discourses, but there will be room for further questions and discussions which will open new perspectives. The course will provide an excellent opportunity for students and lecturers to exchange knowledge about sport developments in their respective countries. The Summer School will provide a forum which enables communication, networking and cooperation among the participants, students as well as lecturers.

The course is addressed to PhD students and young researchers and intends to support them in their scientific work. It offers them the opportunity of acquiring knowledge about the state of the art in the area of theories and methods, of presenting their research, of discussing problems, of obtaining advice from experts and of building up a professional network. It is hoped to help young researchers to become integrated into the scientific community.

In keynote lectures the experts will address important questions, new approaches and results, problems and strategies of research, current trends and major issues in the area of sport ideologies, practices and realities. The students will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the lectures with the experts. In addition, there will be workshops and panel discussions. All students will have the opportunity to present their own projects and get feedback from experts and other students. In addition, the experts are available for individual supervision.

Scholars of the Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences

Guest lecturers (to be confirmed)
Andy Smith, University of Chester, UK
Gerald Gems, North Central College, USA
Joseph Maguire, Loughborough University, UK
Ian Ritchie, Brock University, Canada
Claudia Kugelmann, Technical University Munich, Germany
Susanna Soler, INEFC, Spain
and others

Selection of the students
The Summer School will take place in collaboration with the International Societies for Sport History (ISHPES) and Sport Sociology (ISSA), the European Association of Sport Psychology (FEPSAC) and the International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women (IAPESGW).

Participants should be young researchers (either planning a PhD, working on their PhD or post docs).

Participants will be selected according to the following criteria: relevance of the topic, quality of the project. The number of students will be between 25 and 30; it is aimed to include participants from as many countries as possible.

The participation in the Summer School is free. We have applied for funding and may be able to provide free lunches. Travel and accommodation have to be covered by the participants. There is the opportunity to sleep in a youth hostel in the centre of Copenhagen and costs can be limited by sharing rooms.

Call for applications
Please send a CV and an abstract of your PhD project to: