2011 Gerd von der Lippe Young Scholar Fund

Graduate students presenting papers at the 2011 ISHPES Congress are eligible to apply for a travel grant from GERD VON DER LIPPE YOUNG SCHOLAR FUND.  The money will be divided among the applicants to help defray the costs of travel and accommodation at the conference. Exact amounts of the financial support will vary.


Graduate students wishing to apply for a grant from the Gerd von der Lippe Young Scholar Fund should send a letter to Dr. Kai Reinhart, ISHPES General Secretary, at info@ishpes.org

DEADLINE: June 15, 2011

–Be a current ISHPES member. (Join here)
–Have a paper accepted to the ISHPES Congress or Seminar program
–Have already registered for the ISHPES Congress or Seminar
–Include applicant’s academic affiliation
–Include the name and email address of applicant’s graduate program advisor

This financial support will be disbursed to recipients by the ISHPES General Secretary at the conference. The winner of the Gigliola Gori Young Scholar Award is not eligible for financial support from the Gerd von der Lippe Young Scholar Fund.

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