Past ISHPES Congresses and Seminars

1989 (1st Congress)
Olympia, Greece

1991 (2nd Congress)
Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain

1992 (1st Seminar)
Turku, Finland

1993 (3rd Congress)
Berlin, Germany

1994 (2nd Seminar)
Lillehammer, Norway

1995 (4th Congress)
Cape Town, South Africa

1996 (3rd Seminar)
Shunde, China

1997 (5th Congress)
Lyon, France

1998 (4th Seminar)
Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

1999 (6th Congress)
Budapest, Hungary

2000 (5th Seminar)
Duderstadt, Germany

2001 (7th Congress)
Montpellier, France

2002 (6th Seminar)
Kanazawa, Japan

2003 (8th Congress)
Urbino, Italy

2004 (7th Seminar)
Pacific Grove, California, USA

2005 (9th Congress)
Cologne, Germany

2006 (8th Seminar)
Ljubljana, Slovenia

2007 (10th Congress)
Copenhagen, Denmark

2008 (9th Seminar)
Tartu, Estonia

2009 (11th Congress)
Stirling, Scotland

2010 (10th Seminar)
Netanya, Israel (photographs)

2011 (12th Congress)
Frankfurt, Germany (program)

2012 (13th Congress)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (program)

2013 (14th Congress)
Taipei, Taiwan (program | photographs)

2014 (15th Congress)
Doha, Qatar (program)

2015 (16th Congress)
Split, Croatia (program)

2016 (17th Congress)
Paris, France (conference information | program)

2017 (18th Congress)
Alexandria, Egypt (conference information | program | book of abstracts | highlights)

2018 (19th Congress)
Münster, Germany (conference information | program | book of abstracts | highlights video)

2019 (20th Congress)
Madrid, Spain (conference information | program | book of abstracts)

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