2020 Accommodation & Transportation

There are plenty hotels around Sapporo Station. You can choose any hotel from the website. However, we recommend you to book a hotel from the following website with ‘ISHPES Rate’. This website requires as password to access.

ISHPES Congress attendees will be automatically receive the password after completing the Congress registration. Early booking is greatly recommended as a result of the change of the venue of the Olympic events of marathon and racewalking competition from Tokyo to Sapporo (decided by the IOC on November 1, 2019).

‘ISHPES Rate’ is run by JTB. Additional hotels and youth hostels which are not affiliated to JTB group are not in the list.

FOR STUDENTS and other Participants

SAPPORO HOUSE (20 single rooms only)
Cost: $
To book this house, please contact with the conference organizer at congress@ishpes.org after registering for the Congress

Additional accommodations located near university and the station can be found via the Official Sapporo Tourism website.

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