2016 Summer School in Sport Sciences at Universite Paris-Est

On 27 June 2016, fifteen PhD students and two Master’s students from nine nations across the globe congregated to begin the 2016 Summer School in Sport Sciences. The summer school was hosted by Universite Paris-Est and was organised and coordinated by Pierre-Olaf Schut, an Associate Professor in History and Sociology of Sport at the University. In addition to Professor Schut, ten other professors from four different nations and a wide variety of research fields were involved in the five-day-long summer school. Each of the professors who attended the summer school presented a piece of research to allow students to gain an insight into current discourses of physical activity and sport. These research fields included the history of sport, sociology of sport, sports management, sport psychology as well as qualitative and quantitative research methods within sports science and psychology of sport. Additionally, the students benefited from more practical presentations on funding opportunities for research in Europe and publishing advice, including choosing the reliable publisher and scientific conferences and adapting the text to the editorial rules. Further, each student had to option to attend two fifteen-minute individual supervisory sessions with the professor of choice to discuss their PhD or Master’s project in more detail.

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