Emily Ryall, Wendy Russell, Malcolm MacLean, The Philosophy of Play

Emily Ryall, Wendy Russell, and Malcolm MacLean, eds. The Philosophy of Play. London: Routledge, 2013.

Play is a vital component of the social life and well-being of both children and adults. This book examines the concept of play and considers a variety of the related philosophical issues. It also includes meta-analyses from a range of philosophers and theorists, as well as an exploration of some key applied ethical considerations.

The main objective of The Philosophy of Play is to provide a richer understanding of the concept and nature of play and its relation to human life and values, and to build disciplinary and paradigmatic bridges between scholars of philosophy and scholars of play. Including specific chapters dedicated to children and play, and exploring the work of key thinkers such as Plato, Sartre, Wittgenstein, Gadamer, Deleuze and Nietzsche, this book is invaluable reading for any advanced student, researcher or practitioner with an interest in education, playwork, leisure studies, applied ethics or the philosophy of sport.

Chia-Ju Yen and To-Pin Wen win 2013 Gigliola Gori Junior Scholar Award

The 2013 Gigliola Gori Junior Scholar Award was won by Taiwanese students, Chia-Ju Yen and To-Pin Wen for their paper “Historical discovery of the passage of Tou Hu from China to Japan and South Korea”. Both authors are regular participants of the ISHPES congresses. For several years we could observe Chia-Ju´s discipline, perseverance, and conscientious efforts in pursuit of her Ph.D. degree. Her co-author, To-Pin Wen has demonstrated similar diligence in his own academic career with many publications and presentations. Both have recently obtained their Ph.D. degree.

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