Greening Sport Forum 2023

Friday September 8th, 2023 (Online & Onsite)

This event is supported by Hokkaido University, the International Society for the History of Sport and Physical Education (ISHPES), and an International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE) Biennial Working Programme grant.  The title of the grant is “Cross-Cultural Approaches to Sustainable Development Goals and Greening Sport: A Transnational Study of Open-air Activities, Mountain Sports, and Traditional Games.”  The forum will take place as the second day of the Hokkaido Summer Institute 7-9 September 2023.

A few things to note at this time:
*All times are Japan Standard Time: however, the event is held from the late afternoon to the evening in Japan, considering the time zone when the most of the world can access.
*The Zoom link for the event is  and you can find the ID and passcode in the flyer embedded in the following website.

Everybody who are interested in this event is welcomed to access for free.

link for the YouTube real-time streaming of Friday’s forum: