Welcome to Oslo

Dear fellow sport historians and enthusiasts! Here at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NIH) neighboring the wide-ranging Nordmarka wilderness area and the beautiful lake Sognsvann, we are excited to welcome you all to ISHPES’ annual conference in Oslo 2022. Home to the world’s first 50 km ski race in 1888, our capital vibrates with the continuous ripples of human sporting activity and a history of winter sports especially. During this conference, we hope to give attendees memorable encounters with some of the historical locations in our city that have weaved sport into the cultural fabric of society in the Nordics, including a tour through 4000 years of ski history at the Ski Museum and a banquet at Holmenkollen where our “second national day”, the National Ski Festival, continues to be a yearly people’s event. We hope to see you here next June!        

Where and how to get here?

The conference will be held at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NIH) in Oslo, capital of Norway. Local address is Sognsveien 220. Oslo can be reached by all sorts of travel: Air, railway, boat, and car.


The conference will start on June 29th and finish on July 2nd.

Transportation and location during conference

From Oslo airport to Oslo city centre and Comfort Hotel Xpress Central Station and Comfort Hotel Grand Central

Oslo Airport Gardermoen is located 50 kilometres outside of the city. For transport, trains and buses are good alternatives. The airport train costs 199 NOK and goes faster; the local train will cost you about 80 NOK less and take a little more time. You will find different pay booths in the airport’s exit hall for the two alternatives. Both stop at the Oslo Central Station, where Comfort Hotel Xpress Central Station and Comfort Hotel Grand Central are located a few minutes’ walk from the station.

From Oslo airport to Oslo city centre for Ullevaal and Thon Hotel Ullevaal

If you are staying at Thon Hotel Ullevaal, you can take the airport bus directly to Ullevaal stadium, a mere two minutes’ walk to the hotel.You can also take the airport train or the local train to the Central station and then hop onto one of the following westbound metro lines to the metro stop called “Ullevaal stadion”:

–        Number “4 Vestli via Storo”

–        Number “5 Ringen”, or

–        Number “5 Sognsvann”

From the City centre and Ullevaal stadium to the conference venue (NIH) and Olympiatoppen Sports Hotel

The conference venue at NIH is located 7 kilometres from the city centre. Main public transport here is the westbound line metro number 5 “Sognsvann” to its last station with the same name. This line travels from the city centre via Ullevaal stadium. At the Sognsvann station, you will find the NIH immediately at your left-hand side, and Olympiatoppen Sports hotel in the Olympiatoppen building next to NIH in the direction of Sognsvann (about a hundred meters from the metro station).

A little headsup on our metro system: line 5 comes in two versions, both “5 Ringen” and “5 Sognsvann”. The former goes for an extra round around the city before changing name and heading for Sognsvann. You should therefore not take 5 Ringen to get to NIH, as this will take you through the whole loop.


The conference registration fee includes:

– Conference activities and presentations

– Lunch 

– Coffee and snacks

– Welcome reception Wednesday

– City Hall reception Thursday

– Banquet Saturday

– Entrance and guide to the Ski museum

– Transport to ski museum and banquet- Book of abstracts


Member early bird


Non member

Student early bird


Digital participant
















The arrangements we have with hotels includes the following:

Olympiatoppen Sportshotell

1120 NOK / 112 euros per room per night for 1 person +200 NOK / 20 euros for an extra person

Thon Hotel Ullevaal

1445 NOK / 145 euros per room per night for 1 person +200 NOK / 20 euros for an extra person

Comfort Hotel Grand Central

1190 NOK / 119 euros per room per night for 1 person +150 NOK / 15 euros for an extra person

Comfort Hotel Xpress Central Station

899 NOK per room per night for 1 person (a breakfast bag may be bought as an addition for 115 NOK / 11,5 euros) +150 NOK / 15 euros for an extra person