In 1989 the International Society for the History of Physical Education and Sport (ISHPES) was founded as a merger of the International Committee for the History of Physical Education and Sport (ICOSH) and the International Association for the History of Physical Education (HISPA). In 2014 ISHPES  celebrates its 25th birthday. While at the beginning it was a very Eurocentric organization it is today very international as seen in the numerous countries from which the members hail. This paper, written by ISHPES President Annette Hofmann, will give an insight into the present state and work of this international sport history organisation. The conclusion will focus on the challenges that ISHPES faces in the twenty-first century.

Global Perspectives on Sports and Physical Cultures: From Past to Present

Organizer: Qatar Olympic & Sport Museum September 22-25, 2014
Conference Venue: Qatar University


Historical Aspects of:
• Olympics and other Mega-Sport Events
• Development of Sport, Physical Activity in the Middle East
• Sports Cultures in the Global South
• Gender and Sport
• Sport Related Migrants and Migrations
• The Relation between Sports, Physical Activity and Health
• Transcultural Perspectives on Physical Cultures
• National Movement Cultures and Physical Education
• Open Papers

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Terms and Conditions
• All participants are invited to submit abstracts for oral presentation or poster presentation. However, the Scientific Committee will make the final decision to indicate if the abstract will be for oral or poster presentation.
• Each main author can only present one paper.
• The ISHPES 2014 does not require an admission fee. However, one author at least must be registered for the Congress (register here) and must be a member of ISHPES.
• One of the authors has to attend the Congress in order to present the abstract and receive the certificate of presentation. Only presented abstracts will be included in the Congress proceedings.

Important Dates:
• Deadline for the abstract submission: April 6, 2014 NEW DEADLINE: May 18
• Notification of abstract acceptance: June 2014
• Deadline for the online registration: September 2014

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ISHPES is currently accepting applications for the 2014 Junior Scholar Award. The ISHPES GIGLIOLA GORI JUNIOR SCHOLAR AWARD will be presented at the 2014 ISHPES Seminar to be held in Doha, Qatar.

ISHPES is please to announce the winners for 2013 ISHPES Award, Alison Wrynn, and the 2013 Routledge Keynote Speaker, Malcolm MacLean.

The 2013 Gigliola Gori Junior Scholar Award was won by Taiwanese students, Chia-Ju Yen and To-Pin Wen for their paper "Historical discovery of the passage of Tou Hu from China to Japan and South Korea". Both authors are regular participants of the ISHPES congresses. For several years we could observe Chia-Ju´s discipline, perseverance, and conscientious efforts in pursuit of her Ph.D. degree. Her co-author, To-Pin Wen has demonstrated similar diligence in his own academic career with many publications and presentations. Both have recently obtained their Ph.D. degree.