Dear IHSPES members,

A busy year is approaching its end. We held a successful congress in Münster, Germany with around 200 participants from over 20 countries from all continents. It was one of our most successful congresses. I want to thank the organizer Michael Krüger and his team again for their marvelous work.

ISHPES is currently accepting applications for the 2019 Early Career Scholar Award. The ISHPES GIGLIOLA GORI AWARD will be presented at the 2019 ISHPES Congress to be held in MADRID, SPAIN on July 14-17, 2019.

It is awarded for an unpublished essay of outstanding quality in the field of sport history. Eligible scholars must be a member of ISHPES and a registered student (undergraduate or graduate) at the time of the Congress or within one year of receiving or having graduated from a program of higher education.

July 14-17, 2019 in Madrid, Spain

Milestones in the Histories of Sport and Physical Culture

Call for abstracts [pdf version]

More information can be found on the ISHPES Congress page.

Faculty of Sports Science and Physical Therapy, Universidad Europea de Madrid, Campus of Villaviciosa de Odón

The local organizing committee will be Gerardo Bielons, Director of Events GB and Teresa Gómez Aja  from the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid

Partners: Universidad Europea de Madrid, Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid, Madrid

Congress topic and subtopics

Scholars are invited to submit sessions including three abstracts related to the main topic "Milestones in the Histories of Sport and Physical Culture," or individual abstracts on a subtopic.


  • Sports, physical cultures, and physical education in time and space
  • “Sport for all” on various continents, in various regions and nations
  • Aspects of integration, inclusion and segregation in sports and physical cultures (including disability and sports)
  • Sports, movement cultures, and health around the world
  • New approaches to Olympic history
  • Historical approaches to mega- events in sports
  • Gender diversity in various physical culture and sports
  • Religious impacts on physical culture and sports globally
  • Sports, industrialization, technology, and social diversity (including workers’ sports)
  • Open paper

Guidelines for abstract submission

Abstract submission is exclusively via email. Please submit full abstract to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The abstract must include:

  • Name of the author(s), your institutional affiliation and position, your office and mobile phone numbers, and email addresses.
  • The paper’s title followed by a 350 words (maximum) abstract of the proposed paper. The abstract should include the question(s) addressed in the paper, the evidence to be used, a precise statement of the argument and conclusions, and what significance the paper has to our understanding of sports history. You do not need any keywords.
  • Please specify also to what sub-theme your abstract is related, this helps adding it to a session with similar papers

Guidelines for submission of a thematic session

A thematic session includes three papers relating to one topic.

Abstract submission is exclusively via email. Please submit full thematic session to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The submission must include:

  • An abstract describing the session
  • Name of the author(s), your institutional affiliation and position, your office and mobile phone numbers, and email addresses for the session organizer/moderator and all paper authors
  • The title and abstract for each paper

The official language of the congress is English.

Presenters need to be an ISHPES member to present a paper, and a person can only present one paper as first author. Join ISHPES now.

Participants are invited to submit their abstracts for podium/oral presentations only.


Abstract submission opening: December 21, 2019

Abstract submission closing: February 15, 2019 EXTENDED DEADLINE: MARCH 10, 2019

Longtime ISHPES member and former council member and vice president Gigliola Gori presented the Routledge Keynote at the 2018 Congress in Münster, Germany. Gori's talk was entitled “Sporting Propaganda in Visual Arts under the Fascist Regime and the Example of the 1941 Cremona Prize”.

Dr. Matti Goksøyr is the winner of the ISHPES Scholar award for 2018. Dr Goksøyr is Professor of History at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences in Oslo, Norway where he has worked for several decades. From 2006 – 2010 he was the Head of Department of Cultural and Social Studies at that university. He gained his doctoral degree from the Norwegian School of Sorts Science at the University of Oslo in 1991 and since that time has published numerous books and articles in both English and Norwegian.

Much of his extensive work has focused upon sport and physical culture in Norway providing a vivid window for international students into the political, cultural and ecological aspects of Norwegian sport history that has become highly thought of. For example he has written about the Winter Games in Norway and the creation of a Norwegian national identity; Norway and the World cup in soccer; cultural diffusion and sportification; and Norwegian sportsmanship and national celebrations. He has been a visiting scholar to countries around the world, especially to the University of California, Berkeley in the United States and the University of New South Wales in Australia. As well he has presented numerous talks to universities in the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, and elsewhere, as well as giving countless presentations at conferences around the world. His extensive contributions to sport history are to be celebrated.

Dr. Goksøyr's keynote address at the 2018 ISHPES Congress was titled “Play vs. Fire: The Role of Sport as the Heat Increases. Sports Meet the Real World before and during World War II”.